Michigan Saves Lead Poisoning Prevention Fund

Michigan Saves created the Lead Poisoning Prevention Fund (Lead Fund) to fill a critical gap for homeowners and income-property owners who don’t qualify for free home lead services from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). We’re working to make sure everyone—no exceptions—has peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their homes.

Before you explore the Lead Fund, we strongly encourage you to first apply for home lead services through MDHHS’s Lead Safe Home Program. If you are ineligible for or have been denied from that program, the Lead Fund may be able to help.

How to Apply


Letter of Intent.

Read and sign the Lead Fund Letter of Intent if your MDHHS application is denied, or if you do not want to apply to the MDHHS Lead Safe Home Program.


Environmental investigation.

Michigan Saves will help schedule a free environmental investigation of your home to identify all lead hazards.


Workscope development.

You will work with one of our authorized lead abatement contractors to agree upon a scope of work.


Loan application.

Applying for a Michigan Saves loan is easy, so you can get started on removing lead from your home right away. Your Michigan Saves authorized contractor will walk you through the process.

Residential Financing Facts

Loan type:
Unsecured, personal loan

Eligible improvements:
Lead abatement measures or related work only


Flexible between one and 15 years

For the latest fixed rates, click here.

Eligible properties:
Single-family homes (up to four attached units) and single-family income properties

*Actual rates, terms, and loan amounts vary and depend on market conditions, the lender you choose, and your creditworthiness.

Have questions?

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