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We understand the importance of creating a safe and healthy living environment, minimizing health risks and maximizing quality of life for you and your family. Michigan Saves is your trusted financial partner providing access to customized home solutions that enhance your living experience, reduce your energy bills and address essential services like lead abatement and septic system replacement. Get started by connecting with one of our authorized contractors and getting a quote. Together, let’s create a home that safeguards your family against unexpected issues like flooding, contamination, and no heat.

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Home Energy Improvements

Discover cost-effective energy solutions, from enhancing energy efficiency to installing renewable devices, and more.
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Lead Abatement

Bridge the gap in lead abatement costs with our 50/50 cost-share incentive, providing essential support for homeowners and income-property owners who don’t qualify for state-funded services.
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Septic Replacement

Access low-interest loans for septic tank replacement, ensuring homeowners can afford essential upgrades with less financial strain.
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Switch your home to cleaner, more sustainable power with our affordable financing options for electrifying your energy source.
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