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The Benefits of Upgrading to an Electric Car

If you’ve been eyeing electric vehicles (EVs) as options for your next car, you’re not alone. As of 2020, about 1.8 million EVs were registered in the U.S., and more are purchased every day. EVs come in three varieties: all-electric vehicles or battery-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, and fuel-cell vehicles.

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Black Inventors in Energy Efficiency: Louis W. Roberts

During Black History Month and every month, it’s important to recognize the contributions that Black American inventors like Louis W. Roberts have made to the evolution of technology. Roberts specialized in the study of microwaves (the physics phenomenon, not the oven) and related fields and applied them to aircraft and spacecraft technology, among other things.

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Black Inventors in Energy Efficiency: David Crosthwait

Major contributions to energy sciences have been made by Black inventors like David Crosthwait, who created an improved boiler system and thermostat control, among many other achievements. In fact, you can think of him as the father of modern HVAC systems. 

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