Join Us in Creating a Cleaner, Brighter Energy Future

Imagine a future where every Michigander has access to the benefits of clean energy.

Contractors lifting a solar panel onto the roof of a home

For more than a decade, we’ve used our effective credit enhancement model to help thousands of families, businesses, organizations, and public entities realize these benefits through affordable energy financing—but it’s not enough.

Right now, individuals with low to moderate incomes face a substantial barrier when it comes to accessing clean energy options. While this population stands to benefit the most from energy upgrades, they often can’t afford them. But together, we can close the energy gap.

Join us in powering a prosperous and clean energy future for all.

With funding from supporters like you, we can leverage more capital to reach underserved markets—benefiting our residents, economy, and environment. With your support, we can make energy equity a reality in Michigan.