Michigan Saves Comprehensive Financing Solutions for Contractors

Boost your reputation as a provider of sustainable solutions with Michigan Saves’ customized financing options.

Joining our network as a Michigan Saves authorized contractor grants you exclusive rights to offer our tailor-made energy financing solutions to both residential and commercial customers. Partner with us to gain access to best-in-class financing options for essential energy upgrades. Unlock numerous perks for your business, including training opportunities. Become a Michigan Saves contractor and help your customers get the most value for their money, energy, and time, while also expanding your business’s reach.

Contractor Resources

Benefits and Qualifications

Learn about the benefits of being a Michigan Saves contractor and how to become authorized.


Become an authorized Michigan Saves contractor through our simple online training.

Monthly Payment Calculator

Use our handy calculator to help plan monthly payments with your customers.


Sell and strengthen your business with all the resources and marketing materials you need.

Residential Financing

Check out home energy loan options, our approved lenders, and their rates and terms.

Commercial Financing

Read about commercial financing options, our approved lenders, and their rates and terms.

Septic Replacement Contractor Information

Find out how you can be a part of the Michigan Saves Septic Replacement Loan Program and help Michigan homeowners replace their failing septic systems.

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