Meadow’s Fine Wine & Liquor

The Numbers Just Worked!

“At the end of the day, it’s got to be about the bottom line. But, in addition to that, the new LED lights and cooling fans are great products.” —Jeff Abdelnour, owner

Annual Savings Estimate:


Energy savings that pay for themselves. Now that makes sense.

Jeff Abdelnour, owner of Meadows Fine Wine & Liquor in Farmington, was skeptical at first. When his contractor brought LED lights to his store and asked him to consider energy improvements, he didn’t want to listen. But once they showed exactly how quickly the improvements would pay for themselves in energy savings, he became a convert. Jeff put it simply: “The numbers just worked. I’m 100 percent happy with this project.”

Utility bills down. Bottom line UP.

Jeff Abdelnour isn’t just saving money, he’s also impressing his customers. With new LED lights and quieter fans, his store has a new feel that makes his products look great. Let us help you energize your business. Michigan Saves has a statewide network of quality contractors and the financial tools and expertise to guide you each step of the way. Take control of your energy costs. Learn more about our energy financing for businesses.