We’re Doing the Right Thing!

“This project did a lot for us. It saved us money and improved the retail space for our customers and the work environment for our staff—it was a real value add.” —Brian Jones, co-owner

Annual Savings Estimate:


It’s about more than money—it’s also about our people and our community

In greater Lansing, Playmakers is an institution. Since 1981, this fitness store has gone above and beyond selling great athletic shoes and active wear—it has helped an entire region of people reach their fitness goals and improve their health. The business took the same above-and-beyond approach when the time came to upgrade their historic Okemos facility. Tackling a complicated and wasteful HVAC system, installing new economizers, and swapping out huge, noisy condensers was an ambitious plan that Playmakers co-owner Brian Jones just had to accomplish. “We’ve always been a business committed to doing what’s right, even when it’s hard—this energy project was no different.”

Utility bills down. Bottom line UP.

Playmakers was able to finance $50,000 of the $200,000 project with special 0% APR Michigan Saves financing through a partnership with Consumers Energy. The incentive helped them achieve a faster return on their investment and improve cash flow—the lifeblood of every balance sheet. Contact a Michigan Saves contractor today to help you access all of the incentives and benefits available to you. Take control of your energy. Learn more about our energy financing for businesses.

This project not only saved Playmakers money, it has improved the shopping experience for their customers.