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“I’m promoting to my owners that these energy investments will make them more money.” —Leslie Etterbeek, property manager

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LED Lighting

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50% electric energy savings

Making multifamily homes more enjoyable places to live

Leslie Etterbeek wants the best for her tenants. A property manager for LR Management, Etterbeek oversees more than a dozen properties and treats each one like her own home. This dedication is what prompted Etterbeek to sign up for energy-efficiency financing through Michigan Saves. She had the lightbulbs in the common areas changed to more energy-efficient LED bulbs, and Etterbeek is already seeing a difference, saying the bulbs’ uniformity and the cost savings are the most noticeable changes. “It’s good for the long run,” Etterbeek said. “The light bulbs last, but there is also a nice aesthetic to them.”

Utility bills down. Bottom line UP.

Leslie Etterbeek financed lighting upgrades through Michigan Saves, and the work is already paying for itself.

Leslie cut her energy usage in half.

Michigan Saves is helping multifamily property owners and managers lower maintenance costs and improve tenant retention. We have a statewide network of quality contractors and the financial tools and expertise to guide you each step of the way. Regain control of your energy costs today. Learn more about our energy financing for businesses.