Jeremy and Cynthia Ligman

We’re More Comfortable!

“Our home is much more comfortable—you can feel a difference.” —Jeremy Ligman

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Comfort is part of every season in an efficient home

The Ligman family’s home was extremely uncomfortable. “In the summertime, the upstairs was oppressive … ten degrees hotter than the main floor. In the winter, it was freezing, especially the kids’ rooms. Sometimes we’d let them camp out in the family room because the upstairs was too uncomfortable,” Jeremy said. After a thorough assessment, their contractor recommended a tailored solution that empowers Jeremy and Cynthia to stop wasting money and energy. But the benefits go beyond their utility bills. They now have a home where every room is comfortable, in every season.

Utility bills down. Comfort levels UP.

The Ligmans are enjoying a cozier home and lower utility bills. Does your home have cold floors or drafty windows? Michigan Saves can help. We have a network of quality contractors across the state and the financial tools and expertise to guide you each step of the way. Your path to a more comfortable home begins today. Learn more about our home energy financing.

Jeremy and Cynthia’s children now can sleep in their own rooms at night.