Dearborn Country Club

We’re Enhancing Historic Beauty!

“It just made sense. When we factored in the rebates from the utility companies and how much energy we would save, the board knew it was a good decision.” —John Matway, general manager

Annual Savings Estimate:


Historic doesn’t have to mean wasteful

The Dearborn Country Club is a historic icon. “But just because it’s a gorgeous, old, historic building doesn’t mean it has to be wasteful. They’re not mutually exclusive,” said longtime member Linda Rex. She referred to the grand ballroom as an example: “It’s now more beautiful than ever. The chandeliers sparkle with a softer, more elegant light. The new LED lights are amazing. We love it, and the members love it, too.”

Utility bills down.
Comfort levels UP.

Old buildings don’t have to be wasteful buildings. The Dearborn Country Club found a way to retain its building’s historic beauty while adding energy efficiency. Does your business operate a building that needs energy enhancements? Michigan Saves can help. We have a statewide network of quality contractors and the financial tools and expertise to guide you each step of the way. Take control of your energy costs. Learn more about our financing for country clubs.

This project will pay for itself with energy savings in less than two years.