Kalamazoo Art Studio Saves Money, Gets “Wow” Effect with LED Lights

Amy Zane, owner of my Zane Store & Studio

Amy ZaneAmy Zane, owner of my Zane Store & Studio owns a beautiful jewelry store and art gallery in downtown Kalamazoo, where she showcases and sells art from local artists across the state.

One day, Zane was approached by a representative from Webster Electric, who showed Zane how much money she could save by switching to LED lighting. He also showed her how beautiful the art would look under the new lights.

Amy Zane was able to breathe new life into her store with LED lighting. Are you ready to transform the way your products look, and save money at the same time? Michigan Saves can help. We have a statewide network of quality contractors and the financial tools and expertise to guide you each step of the way. Regain control of your energy costs today. Give us a call at 517-371-7470.

“We needed a “wow” effect,” Zane explains. “And we got it. There is no comparison between the lights we had before and the lights we have now. The new lighting really shows how gorgeous the art is.”

Zane is especially proud of how the LED lights breathe new life into the store. “With much of this local art, the subtleties  in the colors and layers are really nuanced. The lights make these details much more vivid. And they are spectacular for jewelry. My stones really sparkle with this new lighting.”

Customers have taken notice, too. Many have told Zane how beautiful the store looks and how the art and jewelry just “pops.” Even other store owners have taken notice.

“Other owners on the block have been really impressed when the visit. They’ve been asking me, ‘How  did you do this? How can I get these lights in my store?’,” Zane says.

The financing was a critical element for Zane’s business.

She explains, “We would not have been able to afford all the lights upfront. But because of the financing option (via Michigan Saves), we’re able to save money and make our art look spectacular, too.

And this small investment will repay Zane for years to come.

“This was a very simple lighting project,” explains Michigan Saves’ Todd Parker. “The business eliminated incandescent and halogen bulbs in favor of LED bulbs. That very easy switch will see annual energy savings of 8,505 kilowatt-hour.  At $.12/kwh , that translates to annual savings of $1,020. The business’s energy bill should decrease by 10 percent—all just from switching out light bulbs.

“In fact, pretty much any business can look at lighting upgrades—which are easy, affordable, and smart—and immediately trim 10 percent off a utility bill,” he adds.

For Zane, the results could not be better. “I love that the best decision financially was also the best decision for the environment and for my store. I don’t have to sacrifice anywhere. The decision is a win-win-win,” she says.