Year: 2019

Walt Dindoffer standing on the roof of a building with solar panels covering the roof

How to Pick a Solar Installation Company

Finding the right solar installation company for the job can be tricky. Luckily, Michigan Saves compiled some helpful tips from trusted home solar contractors to help you choose a solar installer the right way.

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Illustration of a city

The Bottom Line of Commercial Energy Efficiency Financing

Every building has energy waste, but it doesn’t have to affect your bottom line. Michigan Saves’ commercial energy efficiency financing, as well as financing for renewable energy improvements, can help nonprofits, houses of worship, municipal buildings and business owners stop wasting valuable energy to free up cash and create more comfortable spaces for tenants and customers. And the good news? Our list of financing options continue to grow.

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Solar panels

Why Going Solar Is a Bright Decision

Even in cold climates and on cloudy days, going solar offers many benefits. From year-round energy efficiency and cost savings to reduced carbon emissions, there are plenty of advantages of solar energy.

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PRESS RELEASE: Demand Surging for Energy-efficiency and Renewable Energy Improvements in Michigan

LANSING, Mich. — Michigan Saves, the nation’s first nonprofit green bank, saw explosive demand in 2018 for energy-efficiency and renewable energy improvement projects in homes and commercial buildings across the state.
Through January, Michigan Saves surged past $175 million in energy financing, increased its residential loan volume by 67 percent and saw a 30 percent increase in its commercial loan portfolio.

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