Year: 2014

Family standing in front of their electric vehicles

Local, Iconic, and Sustainable: Herman Miller’s Team 53 Helps Design Energy-efficient Homes

The Broersma family takes efficiency seriously. The global modernist furniture icon, Herman Miller, which is responsible for bringing the world the famed Eames Lounge Chair, is invested in far more than simply sitting in style and comfort. Since 1953, the manufacturing company has made it a mission to be “a good steward of the environment,” as declared by founder D. J. DePree.

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Dr. Energy Saver John Haines

Contractor Q&A: Dr. Energy Saver John Haines on His Encore Career as a Michigan Saves Contractor

My second career is working for Dr. Energy Saver, where I’ve been for 4 years. I have an Energy Management Specialist degree from Lansing Community College and a Business Administration degree from Michigan State University. I am certified through Building Performance Institute as a professional building energy analyst. As program manager, I oversee our corporate partnership programs, our school fundraising programs and our community outreach programs.

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Contractors entering a home with their equipment

Michigan Saves Offers No-hassle Financing Plans to Help Contractors Increase Sales

Michigan Saves loans allow energy efficiency contractors to turn cost concerns into conversation-starters. Amanda Godward and her staff at Ecointelligent Homes are prepared to find leaks and help homes and businesses save energy and money. Cost is the major concern when considering construction projects. It affects whether a client decides to go ahead with their […]

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Family of five sitting on the couch reading a book

Family Makes Future Dream a Present Reality

When Steve and Laura McMullen moved their family into their 1950s house in Grand Rapids, they knew windows could be a barrier to a healthy home. The windows of their new house were old and leaky; some of them were even cracked and refused to open. This created as many problems with ventilation of the house as it did for the health and wellbeing of the family themselves.

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Mary Templeton, executive director

VIDEO: Michigan Saves HELP Program Update

We have an important update for you, our contractors, that will help you grow your business and provide more solutions to families that need to take control of their energy bills. Check out this message from the executive director of Michigan Saves about the progress we are making with your help.

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Energy optimization infographic

SPECIAL REPORT Energy Efficiency: It’s All About Saving Cash, Cleaning Up Carbon, and Creating Local Jobs

Caulk, insulation, efficient appliances, and programmable thermostats may not be the sexiest aspects of Michigan’s energy landscape. But many experts believe it’s these humble energy efficiency measures that will help Michigan bridge the gap between old and new sources of energy, while reducing carbon emissions, saving money, and creating local jobs.

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Graphic of a road leading skyward to a cloud shaped like a dollar sign

A Good Bet for Michigan Homeowners: Saving Energy Now to Save Money Later

Natural gas prices have been at historic lows over the past couple of years, reaching a trough in 2012. But despite increases in production, that trend is already showing signs of reversing, with 2014 prices firmly higher than 2013 levels. The price of natural gas has been exceptionally volatile in recent weeks, and forecasts expect prices to increases significantly over the long-term. On top of this, the new federal rules on carbon emissions will likely increase demand on natural gas, driving prices up even further.

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Amanda Godward of Ecotelligent Homes

Helping Homeowners “Avoid Energy Drama”

Energy efficiency and drama aren’t often used together in the same sentence. After all, insulation, air sealing, and furnace upgrades typically aren’t at the center of the plot of the latest hip HBO mini-series. But the truth is, issues and conflicts around energy efficiency and comfort in the home do cause drama in our everyday lives, and the tug-of-wars over thermostats and drafts can cause real tension in the family. Perhaps not the same kind of tension found in the Soprano family, but tension nonetheless.

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Mary Templeton speaking at the ACI National Home Performance Conference

ACI Conference Gives Michigan Saves a Chance to Share Tips, Gain Knowledge from Peers

The Michigan Saves team made a big impression in several ways at this year’s ACI National Home Performance Conference in Detroit April 29–May 1. First was the big contingent: Executive Director Mary Templeton, Operations Manager Terri Schroeder, Marketing Director Selma Tucker, Business Energy Financing Program Manager Todd O’Grady, and Program Assistant Anna Schroen all were on hand to relate Michigan Saves’ story to colleagues.

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