Year: 2014

Hayley Roberts, communications director for the Michigan Suburbs Alliance

Can Southgate Become an Anchor for Regional Sustainability and Affordability?

Teach a person to make a house more energy efficient, and an impact will be made on an energy bill. Teach a person to educate her community about energy efficiency, and the impact will be exponentially greater. That’s the lesson the Michigan Suburbs Alliance learned in their work with energy efficiency programs. And it’s an idea that has shaped a new pilot program that aims to plant seeds of sustainability in individual Metro Detroit neighborhoods then spread into homes throughout the entire region.

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Mary Templeton, executive director

Welcome to Smart Energy

The changes occurring at Michigan Saves these days are as frequent as the shifts in Michigan’s weather. There’s so much big news, so many important advances in the cause of energy efficiency, we decided to create “Smart Energy.” This bimonthly newsletter will keep you current on all that is happening at Michigan Saves, and provide a regular opportunity to learn how we can help you and your community.

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