Celebrate National Energy Efficiency Day

October 5, 2022, is National Energy Efficiency Day, and corporations and agencies all over the U.S. are honoring the occasion with continuous efforts to use renewable and clean energy resources and to become more energy efficient in general. This includes federal and state agencies, large corporations, smaller companies and nonprofit organizations, as well as institutions like schools and universities. You can celebrate the day, too, by making your home and lifestyle more energy efficient. Check out this list of ways you could save energy!  

What is Energy Efficiency? 

Energy efficiency means using the smallest amount of energy possible to complete a task (or to power a machine or appliance that completes the task). Energy efficiency is important for so many reasons because it:

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Improving energy efficiency can help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants that are released into the earth’s atmosphere. This provides better air quality in the short term and helps to minimize the effects of climate change in the long term. 
  • Places less strain on utility systems. Using energy efficiently helps to prevent strain on electrical grids and other utility systems, which is more likely to occur during periods of extreme weather and natural disasters. Lowering overall electricity demand also saves money at the city, state, and federal levels by minimizing the need for infrastructure spending. 
  • Diversifies energy resources. Using energy from clean and renewable sources as well as conserving all energy helps to reduce American dependence on fossil fuels in general. Sourcing renewable energy domestically also allows the U.S. to rely less on foreign petroleum imports, which is important for its political integrity in dealing with volatile nations and corrupt governments. 
  • Creates jobs and boosts economies. There are many industries that intersect with energy efficiency, from solar panel manufacturers to wind farm engineers. Demand for energy efficiency creates a wide variety of jobs, which has a long-term positive impact on local, state, and national economies. 
  • Saves money. There’s definitely something in energy efficiency for you, too. Using less energy in your household and vehicles can save you significant money on energy bills. You can also save money in the long term by upgrading your home appliances and systems to energy efficient models. 

Get Financing for Energy Efficient Upgrades in Your Home 

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