National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day occurs each year on January 10. Observing the occasion encourages home and business owners alike to eliminate wasteful energy practices in favor of more efficient ones. In addition to being environmentally friendly, cutting down on energy use and waste can significantly cut the costs of energy sources. Read on for a few tips on how you can save energy and cash this season! 

How to Cut Energy Costs

Simply put, the best way to reduce energy costs is to use energy efficient systems and devices and only as much as you need to. Here are ways you can get the biggest savings on your energy bills. 

Six Ways to Save on Energy Bills—for Free Energy Efficient Upgrades for the New Year 

  1. Lower your thermostat as much as you can tolerate, especially when you go to bed or when you plan to be away from home. 
  2. Avoid running the faucet continuously while you brush your teeth or shave. This saves water as well as the energy required to heat it.  
  3. Leave appliances unplugged when not in use, since many of them draw large amounts of power even when they’re not turned on. 
  4. Wash only large loads of dishes and laundry. Most dish- and clothing washers use just as much energy while running a small load as a large one. 
  5. Let clothes air dry as much as possible. Many dryers use about 3,000 watts per hour, so using them conservatively saves a significant amount of energy.
  6. Take cooler showers. As with running the faucet, taking cooler showers saves on both water and heating bills.

Save Big by Investing in Energy Efficient Appliances and Heating/Cooling Systems 

You can save even more money on energy bills by purchasing energy efficient heating and cooling systems as well as major appliances like clothing washers and dryers, ovens and ranges, and water heaters. Although these may cost more up front, the energy savings they provide can balance out these expenditures over time. You can do cost comparisons using these handy tools.  

If you have multiple older major appliances, it may be worth enrolling in a home warranty plan. This way, all or part of the replacement cost of these appliances may be covered. 

Get Financing for New Energy Efficient Appliances 

Alternatively, Michiganders can get financing for new energy efficient appliances and other energy-saving upgrades with Michigan Saves. 

 Along with any DIY energy improvements you make, Michigan Saves can help keep Mother Nature from costing you—now and all year long. Our financing can help you quickly turn your house into a comfortable and energy efficient home by paying for virtually any energy upgrade you need.  

Get professional help from one of our authorized contractors in your area and cozy up to energy savings with us today!