Cozy Up to Energy Efficiency This Fall

It’s finally here: the season of crunching leaves, football, and mania for all things pumpkin and spice. For many Americans, fall is the best time of the year—but it’s also a golden opportunity to prepare your home for the cold winter months. Here are some essential fall energy-saving tips for your home: 

  • Check for air leaks. Fall breezes might be a welcome change from intense summer heat, but you’ll want to keep them outdoors. Check for air leaks around your doors, windows, and in your ductwork. If you find any, use caulking or weatherstripping to keep heat from escaping.  
  • Give some love to an old (pilot light) flame. Did you know that heating the space in your home accounts for nearly 45 percent of residential energy bills? If your heating and cooling system is older, consider upgrading to one with an ENERGY STAR label. If not, be sure to get it serviced each fall and spring for optimal savings and to prevent costly repairs.
  • Make your windows work for you. As part of your morning routine, open shades and curtains on south-facing windows to make the most of free, warming sunlight. Then close them at night to keep that heat inside. Consider purchasing thermal curtains or window insulation kits, especially for older windows. 
  • Lower the thermostat and layer up. Get festive with thick, warm bedclothes, which will allow you to keep the thermostat at a lower temperature while you sleep. You can also keep it lower at home or work during the day by getting fashion forward with your favorite fall hoodies and sweaters. 
  • Add insulation to your attic. Your attic needs to layer up, too—and ensuring that you have adequate insulation can save you up to 10 percent on your heating bills. 
  • Use energy-efficient Halloween decorations. Whether you opt for plug-in or battery-operated Halloween lights, choose ones that have LED bulbs or are solar powered. Avoid Halloween inflatables and animatronics: they’re not only expensive to purchase, but will add noticeable charges to your electric bill.  

Get Financing for Renewable Energy Upgrades in Your Home 

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