“This project plays a really critical role in driving sustainability forward for EcoWorks.” —Henrik Mader

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HVAC Roof-top Units, Improvement

An organization focused on energy sustainability and community development looked to improve the performance of their building.

In 2017, when EcoWorks moved into their Minoru Yamasaki–designed building on 7 Mile Road in the Berg-Lasher neighborhood on Detroit’s westside, it still had its original HVAC system from the late 1950s.  

“As an organization focused on energy sustainability and community development, we started looking at how we could improve the performance of this building,” said Henrik Mader, one of EcoWorks’ energy analysts. “We replaced the roof of our east building and installed a 40-killowatt solar array. The final step in electrifying our operations and really driving forward our decarbonization is replacing the HVAC system with a fully electric model.”  

With the help of Michigan Saves, Inclusive Prosperity Capital, and the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, EcoWorks was able to secure a loan to install a state-of-the-art HVAC system to serve as an example to the community on how to solve climate change through the fundamental principles of energy efficiency and sustainability.  

To learn more about how this project played a critical role in driving sustainability forward for EcoWorks, watch the video case study.  

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