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Families, businesses, and contractors connected through their work with Michigan SavesNewsSmartEnergy
September 25, 2020

PRESS RELEASE: State of Michigan invests $1 million in Michigan’s green bank

LANSING, Mich. — The State of Michigan’s fiscal year 2021 budget will provide a $1 million grant for Michigan Saves, the nation’s first nonprofit green bank.
HVAC air ductsNewsSmartEnergy
September 1, 2020

Commercial HVAC improvements and other upgrades amid COVID-19

Let Michigan Saves help you minimize the spread of COVID-19 and protect your business by implementing a range of HVAC improvements.
contractor wearing a facemask and working on a tabletSmartEnergyUncategorized
July 30, 2020

COVID-19 safety standards you can expect from your Michigan Saves contractor

COVID-19 doesn’t have to stop you from improving energy efficiency in your home or business. Here’s what Michigan Saves contractors are doing to keep you safe.
Michigan Saves' 2019 annual reportNewsSmartEnergy
June 12, 2020

Michigan Saves’ 2019 Annual Report: Powering a Brighter Energy Future for All

As the nation’s first nonprofit green bank, Michigan Saves understands the power of efficient and renewable energy sources. That’s why, for the last decade, we’ve worked diligently to expand energy…
Mary Templeton, executive director and CEO for Michigan SavesNewsSmartEnergy
June 5, 2020

Michigan Saves Statement Addressing Racial Injustice

Michigan Saves stands in solidarity with all who are making their voices heard and fighting for meaningful change that ensures justice and equality.
Mary Templeton, executive director and CEO for Michigan SavesNewsSmartEnergy
March 19, 2020

A Letter from Our President Regarding COVID-19

An update on our business operations and how we’re here to support you in the midst of COVID-19.
Families, businesses, and contractors connected through their work with Michigan SavesNewsSmartEnergy
February 6, 2020

PRESS RELEASE: Gov. Whitmer’s 2021 budget proposes $5 million investment in Michigan’s green bank

LANSING, Mich. — Michigan Saves, the nation’s first nonprofit green bank, was included today in Governor Whitmer’s proposed 2021 budget, calling for a one-time $5 million appropriation.
Michigan Saves Video Production request for proposalsNewsSmartEnergy
January 13, 2020

Request for Proposals for Video Production

Purpose Michigan Saves invites proposals from professional, innovative video and multimedia development companies with demonstrated capabilities to produce a series of videos that showcase our organization’s value and services. It…
Freshly roasted turkey, with carving utensils ready to serveNewsSmartEnergy
November 26, 2019

Gobble up Thanksgiving dinner this holiday, not energy

Hosting Thanksgiving this month? Prep with some Thanksgiving energy saving tips from Michigan Saves to keep your energy bill as desirable as the meal you’re cooking.
Little girl staying cozy in a blanket on the couchNewsSmartEnergy
October 2, 2019

How to save energy at home and stay cozy this fall season

As the seasons change, it’s always a good time to assess your home’s energy usage and needs. Michigan Saves has some useful energy saving tips to help homeowners save big.
Walt Dindoffer standing on the roof of a building with solar panels covering the roofNewsSmartEnergy
August 8, 2019

How to pick a solar installation company

Finding the right solar installation company for the job can be tricky. Luckily, Michigan Saves compiled some helpful tips from trusted home solar contractors to help you choose a solar…
2018 Michigan Saves annual report graphicNewsSmartEnergy
June 19, 2019

Michigan Saves’ 2018 Annual Report: Your Journey Is Our Story

At Michigan Saves, our mission is to make energy improvements easier and more affordable for all Michiganders. In 2018, our team grew even stronger—and as our team grew, so did…
Illustration of a cityscapeNewsSmartEnergy
June 4, 2019

The Bottom Line of Commercial Energy Efficiency Financing

Every building has energy waste, but it doesn’t have to affect your bottom line. Michigan Saves’ commercial energy efficiency financing, as well as financing for renewable energy improvements, can help…
Solar panelsNewsSmartEnergy
April 11, 2019

Why going solar is a bright decision

Even in cold climates and on cloudy days, going solar offers many benefits. From year-round energy efficiency and cost savings to reduced carbon emissions, there are plenty of advantages of…
Amanda Godward of Ecotelligent Homes performing an air blower test on a home to check for leaksNewsSmartEnergy
February 28, 2019

How to weatherize your home and stay protected year-round

Weatherizing your home is your best defense against the elements, but did you know it can help improve your health and safety, too? Learn how you can take simple steps…
February 12, 2019

PRESS RELEASE: Demand surging for energy-efficiency and renewable energy improvements in Michigan

LANSING, Mich. — Michigan Saves, the nation’s first nonprofit green bank, saw explosive demand in 2018 for energy-efficiency and renewable energy improvement projects in homes and commercial buildings across the…
contractor installing insulation within the frame of a houseNewsSmartEnergy
February 1, 2019

Cold house? Here’s five secrets to a warmer home

Is your house cold even with the heat on? Learn how to keep the cold out and the heat in with these five secrets to a warmer, more comfortable home.
small house in the winter time covered in snow with a shoveled side walkNewsSmartEnergy
December 18, 2018

The cold doesn’t have to cost you

In the winter months, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to see a significant portion of their energy bills go toward heating. Even worse, some homes are more wasteful than others…
whole building battery storage deviceNewsSmartEnergy
October 30, 2018

12 New Energy Measures Now Available in Michigan

Whether in your home or business, making smart energy improvements can help maximize comfort and minimize energy costs. Here at Michigan Saves, we’ve designed energy-efficiency and renewable energy financing programs…
Physical awards given out at the Governor's Energy Excellence Awards made from reclaimed oak and maple.NewsSmartEnergy
September 27, 2018

Fourth annual Governor’s Energy Excellence Awards cements tradition amidst change

It was a night to celebrate everything from downtown union headquarters that double as zero net energy buildings to residents lowering the carbon footprint of their sleepy rural and lakeshore…
Nick Schaefer, Fraser, Michigan's public works supervisorNewsSmartEnergy
August 29, 2018

Michigan Saves’ Public Sector Energy Financing Program—a win-win for government

It is no secret that Michigan’s infrastructure is overdue for investment. And while the news is full of splashy images of cavernous potholes and rusty bridges, local governments can notch…
Mary Templeton, president and CEO of Michigan SavesSmartEnergy
May 7, 2018

Women Make the Money…

…they also manage it, put it to good use, and stretch it so that missions are met and customers are served. That sentiment came into full focus today when our…
February 2, 2018

Michigan Saves surges past $100 million in energy financing

LANSING, Mich. — Michigan Saves, a nonprofit green bank dedicated to making energy improvements easy and affordable, has surpassed a major milestone by recently financing more than $100 million in…
Advancing Women in Energy LogoSmartEnergy
October 4, 2017

Join us at the Advancing Women in Energy 2017 Annual Meeting

Join Mary Templeton, Michigan Saves executive director and vice president of Advancing Women in Energy (AWE), on October 12 for the AWE 2017 Annual Meeting: Road to the C-Suite. The…
Beer and Wings partySmartEnergy
May 11, 2017

Michigan Saves’ Beer and Wings contest grows exponentially

The expression “the third time’s a charm” certainly proved true for Michigan Saves’ unique incentive program, which rewards contractors who complete 24 or more loans in the last six months…
Michigan Saves Executive Director, Mary Templeton accepting Midwest Energy Efficiency AwardSmartEnergy
May 11, 2017

And the award goes to … Michigan Saves!

If Oscars were given out for energy waste reduction, Michigan Saves would play the role of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences — working diligently behind the scenes…
Michigan Saves Board Member, Thom PhillipsSmartEnergy
May 11, 2017

Meet the board: Thom Phillips explains how the Michigan Saves and Habitat for Humanity missions align

Although facts and figures tell the story of Michigan Saves’ extensive efforts to improve energy efficiency in the state, we couldn’t do what we do without the talented and dedicated…
Working with Michigan SavesSmartEnergy
May 11, 2017

Working with Michigan Saves is still smart and affordable, but now it’s even easier!

What do self-parking cars, smart phones and luggage with wheels have in common? They are all things that make our lives easier. And, while Michigan Saves isn’t revolutionizing energy efficiency…
Mary Templeton, executive director and CEO for Michigan SavesSmartEnergy
February 9, 2017

A message from Mary Templeton

Welcome to our annual year in review. With 2016 behind us, we take this time to reflect on our accomplishments, thank our partners and supporters and set our sights on…
February 9, 2017

Get to know Michigan Saves: An animation

It’s not easy to describe Michigan Saves, but this new video does an excellent job. Check out the best — and most fun — explanation of how the organization works…
Various numbers arranged in different sizes and in multiple layersSmartEnergy
February 9, 2017

By the numbers

Ever wonder how much energy and money Michigan Saves’ programs are actually saving? The 2016 numbers are in, and the results are impressive!
February 9, 2017

Michigan Saves expands its residential toolbox in 2016 to reach more homeowners

A toolbox. To most of us it’s just a case for toting hammers and nails — whatever tools we need to repair our homes, offices or cars. To Michigan Saves,…
Glass terrarium in the shape of a pig with moss like plants in the shape of buildings insideSmartEnergy
February 9, 2017

More choices equal greater energy savings for commercial markets

In 2016, Michigan Saves’ business, multifamily and public sector energy financing programs funded an impressive $7.6 million worth of energy-efficiency and renewable energy improvements in the commercial sector. How did…
Letters presented in a graphic way to display the phrase thank youSmartEnergy
February 9, 2017

Thank you from all of us at Michigan Saves

Michigan Saves is fully committed to reducing the state’s energy footprint one building at a time, but we couldn’t do any of it without our dedicated partners.
Michigan Saves Executive Director, Mary Templeton accepting Midwest Energy Efficiency AwardSmartEnergy
January 9, 2017

We’re Honored

Generally, our promotional work is about telling the stories of our customers and celebrating others to spur growth in the efficiency and renewable energy market. We’re usually the ones helping…
Stack of $100 billsSmartEnergy
December 19, 2016

Press Release: Michigan Saves finances more than $80 million in energy-efficiency and renewable energy improvements

Michigan Saves, a nonprofit organization that provides affordable financing to make energy improvements easier for Michigan energy consumers, has just surpassed $80 million dollars in residential and commercial loans. As…
Brian Jones, co-owner of PlaymakersSmartEnergy
October 27, 2016

Mid-Michigan’s premier running and fitness store takes a unique approach to customer service

In today’s highly competitive retail environment, where margins are small and choices are plentiful, businesses are constantly looking for ways to gain an edge. Go-to options include lowering prices, increasing…
rose tantrapholSmartEnergy
October 27, 2016

Meet the board: Rose Tantraphol discusses how Michigan Saves board members inspire one another

Although facts and figures tell the story of Michigan Saves’ extensive efforts to improve energy efficiency in Michigan, we couldn’t do what we do without the talented and dedicated people…
Governor’s Energy Excellence Awards winners and Michigan Saves staffSmartEnergy
July 26, 2016

Governor’s Energy Excellence Awards affirm winners’ commitment to reducing energy waste

Well-known cultural anthropologist and author Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever…
Michigan Saves certified contractors celebrating their win of most residential home loans financedSmartEnergy
July 26, 2016

Michigan Saves contest rouses contractors’ competitive spirit

If there’s one thing Michigan Saves knows about its authorized contractors — other than that they’re dedicated to helping customers become more energy efficient — it’s that they thrive on…
Row of condominiums and townhomesSmartEnergy
July 26, 2016

Michigan Saves ramps up service to multifamily and commercial solar markets

What do upgrading drafty windows, improving aging HVAC systems, replacing old light fixtures, sealing air leaks and adding more insulation have in common? They're all good ways for owners of…
Greg BergtoldSmartEnergy
July 26, 2016

Meet the board: Greg Bergtold talks about how Michigan Saves benefits his company’s customers

Although facts and figures tell the story of Michigan Saves’ extensive efforts to improve energy efficiency in Michigan, we couldn’t do what we do without the talented and dedicated people…
Contractor smiling and holding blueprintsSmartEnergy
April 28, 2016

Michigan Saves partners with contractors in creative ways

If Staples—the world’s largest office products company—hadn’t trademarked the “easy” button, Michigan Saves probably could have. Through the years, they have tried to make the process of implementing energy-efficiency improvements…
Handshake over blueprintsSmartEnergy
April 28, 2016

Michigan Saves’ unique win-win approach helps lenders respond to customer needs

In a time of what often feels like considerable divisiveness, Michigan Saves stands out as an organization committed to helping and uniting the many players involved in improving energy efficiency.
Boy in school giving thumbs upSmartEnergy
April 28, 2016

Michigan Saves collaborates with other organizations to help schools reduce their energy footprint

Imagine you’re the facilities director or a business official for a Michigan school district and someone tells you there is a way to put money back into the general fund,…
Sue WarrenSmartEnergy
April 28, 2016

Meet the board: Sue Warren discusses how Michigan Saves helps her company’s customers

Although facts and figures tell the story of Michigan Saves’ extensive efforts to improve energy efficiency in Michigan, we couldn’t do what we do without the talented and dedicated people…
Wooden piggy banksSmartEnergy
January 27, 2016

Michigan Saves: By the numbers

Since its inception, Michigan Saves has helped thousands of families and business owners take control of their energy costs. Below, you can explore how much business the program has done,…
Letters presented in a graphic way to display the phrase thank youSmartEnergy
January 27, 2016

Thank you from all of us at Michigan Saves

We could not have achieved our success in 2015 without the help of our many partners.
Mary Templeton, executive director for Michigan SavesSmartEnergy
January 27, 2016

A letter from our executive director

Michigan Saves hit some great milestones in 2015. We rolled out new promotions and buydowns, we chaired the steering committee for the first-ever Governor’s Energy Excellence Awards, worked with utility…
Two women reviewing a documentSmartEnergy
January 27, 2016

On-bill financing increases access to energy efficiency

One of the deciding factors in achieving energy efficiency derives from the ability to afford it, which is why the city of Holland, Michigan, is working with Michigan Saves to…
Light blue houseSmartEnergy
January 27, 2016

Homeowners and contractors benefit from the Home Energy Loan Program

Michigan Saves’ Home Energy Lending Program (HELP) gives homeowners an easy way to increase comfort in their homes, save money on energy bills, and make Michigan a more energy-efficient state.…
Amy Zane, owner of my Zane Store & StudioSmartEnergy
January 27, 2016

Business and multifamily programs experience growth; Public sector is next

The focus in 2016 is for the Michigan Saves team to increase awareness of energy-efficiency financing for the public sector, especially schools.
Governor's Energy Excellence Award winnersSmartEnergy
January 27, 2016

Governor’s Energy Excellence Awards recognize local individuals and organizations

As your skis slide along the fresh powder, faster and faster as you gain speed down the mountain—turning left then right—energy efficiency may not come to mind. But if you’re…
Eastern MarketSmartEnergy
November 3, 2015

Michigan Clean Energy Report

We are pleased to release the Michigan Clean Energy Report. Our intent in producing this report, supported by the Mott Foundation, is to create a reference for communities by providing…
Leslie Etterbeek, property manager for LR ManagementSmartEnergy
September 2, 2015

The French Quarter Apartments get an energy-efficiency facelift

Leslie Etterbeek, property manager for LR Management in Southfield, Michigan, wanted to find a cost-effective way to improve the common areas for one of the multiple properties she oversees. Etterbeek…
Eastern MarketSmartEnergy
September 2, 2015

The Michigan Clean Energy Reports: A look at clean energy

Communities throughout Michigan are making clean energy efforts, but it’s important to take a closer look at what’s actually being implemented and what types of solutions would lead to better…
Stack of one hundred dollar billsSmartEnergy
September 2, 2015

Michigan Saves makes energy efficiency affordable through its incentives

By introducing incentive programs, Michigan Saves is able to not only drive demand for energy efficiency across Michigan, but strengthen relationships with its partners.
Governor’s Energy Excellence Awards logoSmartEnergy
September 2, 2015

Celebrating Michigan’s energy leaders: The Governor’s Energy Excellence Awards

From weatherizing windows to upgrading commercial refrigeration units, there is a lot of great energy-efficiency work happening in Michigan’s businesses and homes. The trouble is, many people don’t know it.
The Michigan Saves board of directors celebrates $50 million in energy investmentsSmartEnergy
September 2, 2015

Michigan Saves celebrates $50 million in energy investments

From the western tip of the Upper Peninsula to the eastern coast of Lake Erie, Michigan families and businesses are making smart investments in energy efficiency. So many investments, in…
Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, speaking to the audienceSmartEnergy
May 6, 2015

Breaking down Gov. Snyder’s energy plan: What it means for Michiganders

Posters filled with pie charts and graphs lined the room at the Detroit Electrical Industry Training Center in Warren last month as Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder stepped in front of…
Laura PalombiSmartEnergy
May 6, 2015

Q&A: Laura Palombi, Michigan Saves’ operations manager

Laura Palombi loves to hear from Michigan Saves customers about energy-efficiency projects that made their home or business look or feel better, or to hear the excitement in their voices…
The Michigan Saves team out for Beer & Wings with a winning contractorSmartEnergy
May 6, 2015

The results are in for Beer, Wings and Cash

In July 2014, the nonprofit rolled out its Beer, Wings and Cash competition, which ran through December 31, 2015. Any contractor that completed 24 loans or more was eligible for…
Eli and Ruth LumpkinsSmartEnergy
May 6, 2015

Energy assessment helps couple confirm suspicions and tackle home’s problems

There was something about Eli and Ruth Lumpkins’ Grand Rapids home that felt off. In the winter, it was drafty and the floors were especially cold, while summers turned their…
Kait Wyckoff, operations manager for Michigan SavesSmartEnergy
February 11, 2015

Michigan Saves embraces customer service

Michigan Saves’ core mission is to make energy improvements easy and affordable. To do that well, the organization must have a razor-sharp focus on providing excellent customer service.
Low-cost financing through Michigan Saves allowed Sam to make immediate improvements to his store.SmartEnergy
February 11, 2015

Record growth in business energy financing program

Our success was fueled by a combination of better communication, a new lending partner and a successful utility partnership.
A pile of $100 billsSmartEnergy
February 11, 2015

Financial innovation: A Q&A with Mary Templeton

In 2009, Michigan Saves launched with a $6.5 million grant from the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC), which was put into a trust fund. There was an additional $1.6 million…
The Ligman family sitting on their front porchSmartEnergy
February 11, 2015

There’s no place like home: Residential energy loan program takes off

It was a banner year for Michigan Saves’ Home Energy Loan Program. Since our first loan was issued in fall of 2009, the organization has helped more than 10,000 customers…
Various numbers arranged in different sizes and in multiple layersSmartEnergy
February 11, 2015

Michigan Saves by the numbers

Michigan Saves' work has a big impact. But just how big? Since its inception, the program has helped 211 businesses and 10,390 homes to save over 16 million kilowatt-hours of…
Letters presented in a graphic way to display the phrase thank youSmartEnergy
February 11, 2015

Thank you to our partners

We could not have achieved our success in 2014 without the help of our many partners.
Mary Templeton, executive director and CEO for Michigan SavesSmartEnergy
February 11, 2015

A letter from our Executive Director

We’re all busy people who know that time is a precious commodity. And time went by so quickly in 2014, we thought it wise to take a moment to reflect…
A contractor replacing a lightbulb in the hallway of a homeSmartEnergy
September 24, 2014

Local, iconic, and sustainable: Herman Miller’s Team 53 helps design energy-efficient homes

The Broersma family takes efficiency seriously. The global modernist furniture icon, Herman Miller, which is responsible for bringing the world the famed Eames Lounge Chair, is invested in far more…
Man standing in front of the refrigerators in his storeSmartEnergy
September 24, 2014

A church and a gas station in Detroit reap the benefits of energy efficiency

An accordion sounded from the front of the gymnasium at the Pilgrim Church and I Am My Brother’s Keeper Ministry on a Thursday evening, live musical accompaniment for one of…
Dr. Energy Saver John Haines speaking with a clientSmartEnergy
September 24, 2014

Contractor Q&A: Dr. Energy Saver John Haines on his encore career as a Michigan Saves contractor

My second career is working for Dr. Energy Saver, where I’ve been for 4 years. I have an Energy Management Specialist degree from Lansing Community College and a Business Administration…
Ecotelligent Homes owner, Amanda Godward holding a home infrared scannerSmartEnergy
September 24, 2014

Michigan Saves offers no-hassle financing plans to help contractors increase sales

Michigan Saves loans allow energy efficiency contractors to turn cost concerns into conversation-starters. Amanda Godward and her staff at Ecointelligent Homes are prepared to find leaks and help homes and…
The McMullen Family read to their kids in the warm and comfortable homeSmartEnergy
September 24, 2014

Family makes future dream a present reality

When Steve and Laura McMullen moved their family into their 1950s house in Grand Rapids, they knew windows could be a barrier to a healthy home. The windows of their…
Mary Templeton, executive director and CEO of Michigan SavesSmartEnergy
September 24, 2014

VIDEO: Michigan Saves HELP Program Update

We have an important update for you, our contractors, that will help you grow your business and provide more solutions to families that need to take control of their energy…
Staff from Ecotelligent Homes speaking with a homeownerSmartEnergy
September 23, 2014

SPECIAL REPORT Energy efficiency: It’s all about saving cash, cleaning up carbon, and creating local jobs

Caulk, insulation, efficient appliances, and programmable thermostats may not be the sexiest aspects of Michigan's energy landscape. But many experts believe it's these humble energy efficiency measures that will help…
Road in a field leading to a dollar sign made from cloudsSmartEnergy
June 20, 2014

A good bet for Michigan homeowners: Saving energy now to save money later

Natural gas prices have been at historic lows over the past couple of years, reaching a trough in 2012. But despite increases in production, that trend is already showing signs…
Man throwing hands up in frustrationSmartEnergy
June 20, 2014

Helping homeowners ‘Avoid Energy Drama’

Energy efficiency and drama aren’t often used together in the same sentence. After all, insulation, air sealing, and furnace upgrades typically aren’t at the center of the plot of the…
Mary Templeton speaking at the ACI National Home Performance ConferenceSmartEnergy
June 20, 2014

ACI Conference gives Michigan Saves a chance to share tips, gain knowledge from peers

The Michigan Saves team made a big impression in several ways at this year’s ACI National Home Performance Conference in Detroit April 29–May 1. First was the big contingent: Executive…
Amy ZaneSmartEnergy
June 20, 2014

Kalamazoo art studio saves money, gets ‘wow’ effect with LED lights

Amy Zane owns a beautiful jewelry store and art gallery in downtown Kalamazoo, where she showcases and sells art from local artists across the state.
EcoWorks logoSmartEnergy
April 21, 2014

UIX: Jacob Corvidae and EcoWorks

There’s a perception that “green living” is a status symbol for Prius-driving, Whole Foods-shopping, yoga-practicing affluent suburbanites. For people further down the socioeconomic scale, things like taking the bus and…
Hayley Roberts, communications director for the Michigan Suburbs AllianceSmartEnergy
April 21, 2014

Can Southgate become an anchor for regional sustainability and affordability?

Teach a person to make a house more energy efficient, and an impact will be made on an energy bill. Teach a person to educate her community about energy efficiency,…
Terri SchroederSmartEnergy
April 21, 2014

Q&A: Terri Schroeder, Michigan Saves’ Operations Manager

In her two years as Michigan Saves‘ Operations Manager, Schroeder has grown the program’s residential and commercial loan programs and is now overseeing the launch of new public sector and…
Anna SchroenSmartEnergy
April 21, 2014

Building a social media presence from the ground up

Michigan Saves has a 21st century approach to energy use — less is more — so it should be no surprise that our approach to marketing our services is equally…
The Scholten family replaced their wasteful furnace with a modern unit paired with insulation and sealing leaky spots for a more comfortable homeSmartEnergy
April 21, 2014

Energy efficiency brings savings and comfort to Grand Rapids family

Michael Scholten explains. "Our sons' rooms were always cold in the winter, and on the coldest nights we would use space heaters to keep them warm."
Mary Templeton, executive director and CEO of Michigan SavesSmartEnergy
April 21, 2014

Welcome to Smart Energy

The changes occurring at Michigan Saves these days are as frequent as the shifts in Michigan’s weather. There’s so much big news, so many important advances in the cause of…
The Harrington Apartments on West Grand Boulevard in DetroitSmartEnergy
April 21, 2014

Southwest Housing Solutions tackles multifamily energy efficiency retrofits

Dan Pederson and Southwest Housing Solutions in Detroit are keen on green energy. As a nonprofit committed to neighborhood revitalization, Southwest Housing also is keen to help its tenants stay…
Eli and Ruth LumpkinsSmartEnergy
September 30, 2013

Better Buildings Final Report

Read the Better Buildings Final Report