Michigan Saves Statement Addressing Racial Injustice

Mary Templeton, executive director

I am heartbroken over the recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. This heartbreak extends to the many more Black Americans in our communities who have been the victims of senseless acts of violence and institutional as well as individual racism. On behalf of Michigan Saves, I want you to know this organization stands in solidarity with all who are making their voices heard and fighting for meaningful change that ensures justice and equality.

I am sending this message because I want to affirm communities of color and acknowledge that there is more our organization can do to support you and your access to our services. Energy efficiency and renewable energy are powerful tools that can slow the climate crisis, reduce the cost burden of energy, and mitigate health and safety impediments that exist in the home—all of which disproportionately affect people of color.

The recent unrest has served as a wakeup call that our efforts, from individual to collective, have fallen woefully short in identifying and implementing enduring solutions. As the leader of this organization, I take responsibility for falling short. And it is with a renewed sense of urgency that I am recommitting and doubling our efforts to condemn racism and take an active role in ensuring communities of color can access energy efficiency and renewable energy resources.

We have much to learn. With humility and dedication, know that Michigan Saves is a contributor and partner in addressing these systemic issues.


Mary Templeton
President and CEO, Michigan Saves