How to Prepare Your Business for Winter: Part II

Snowy small town street at night lit up by streetlights

Because winter can start earlier and hit harder in the northern United States, Michigan business owners should take time each fall to proactively get ready for winter. Now’s the time to decide not only how you’ll protect your property from damage and disruption caused by ice, wind, and snow, but also how you’ll keep your employees warm without sacrificing profit margins. Here are some ways to make your commercial building energy-smart this winter.

Prevent Heat Loss

You can prevent heat loss, HVAC system strain, and energy bill spikes in your commercial space in the following ways:

  • Inspect your building for uninsulated or under-insulated gaps that could cause heat loss, and add insulation to them.
  • Keep windows and doors closed. Seal air gaps using caulking or weatherstripping. You can also install double-paned windows for thicker, more insulated glass.
  • Consider investing in revolving doors, which allow people to go in and out of the building without letting heat escape, since a portion of the door is always closed. Did you know that revolving doors are about eight times more energy efficient than the regular kind?

Use Smart Power Strips

Smart power strips sense the presence or absence of office workers and turn the attached equipment on and off accordingly, which avoids energy waste. This helps to automate the energy conservation process, as employees won’t have to remember (and you won’t have to remind them).

Invest in Rooftop Solar Power Systems

Consider installing solar electric collectors on your roof. This allows you to take advantage of the (free) summer heat—as well as any winter sunshine—and store its energy for future use, making you less susceptible to energy bill spikes during the cold months.

Winterizing your commercial building with energy efficiency in mind is a smart business move. It not only protects your bottom line and peace of mind, but the environment as well. Investing in energy efficient appliances and systems can be stress-free—consider financial assistance to make this work within your business budget.

Prepare Your Commercial Space Ready for Winter with Michigan Saves

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