Prevent Electric Bill Scares This Halloween

Whether you’re a low-key observer of the spooky season or a dedicated Monster Monarch, odds are your harvest-time display is draining precious (and expensive) energy. Here’s how to keep your Halloween decorations from costing you this fall. 

Ward off Energy Vampires with Alternative Halloween Decor 

The simplest way to avoid utility bill “boos” is to minimize or eliminate your use of electric products. Here are some ideas for achieving festive punch without paying for power: 

  • Use bright colors to maximize the impact of your Halloween display day or night. 
  • Try simple glow-in-the-dark products (like artificial spider webs), or make your own phantoms using phosphorescent paint, fabric, or tape. 
  • Summon light from other sources with reflective or glittery surfaces. 
  • Take advantage of free wind power. Consider festive decorative spinners or bobble-headed figures for eye-catching movement. Festoon your indoor and outdoor spaces with white gauze, fabric “ghosts,” and other feather-light materials. Not only is white easily visible at night, but your specters will also be “animated” by autumn breezes at all hours. 

Choose Long-lasting, Energy Efficient Decorations 

If nothing less than a positively electric display will do, try these tricks to make your home or office a treat: 

  • Try solar lights to keep your eerie glow off your utility bill altogether. Today, there are plenty of non-seasonal and Halloween-specific options to choose from. 
  • Choose ENERGY STAR–certified Halloween string lights and skip “electricity hogs” like inflatables and animatronics. 
  • Look for high-quality products that are built to last. Check reviews and buy from reputable brands and retailers to avoid having to replace your electric decor each year. 
  • Purchase products with LED light bulbs rather than incandescent ones. In addition to offering better fire safety by not overheating, LED bulbs use 75 percent less electricity—and they’re often cheaper as well. 

Plug Electric Decor into the Most Wonderful Time(rs) of the Year 

If you’re using plug-in ghouls, you can save yourself even more energy and hassle by putting all your electric decor on timers. Choose from digital, mechanical, and photocell (daylight-sensitive) varieties; for indoors, you can even install entire programmable outlets. 

Get More Chills and Thrills with Energy Efficient Upgrades 

Want to rule Halloween Town without skimping on electric decorations? Consider energy efficient household upgrades that will offset your fright night energy use so you can brew up outsized witchy fun. Some of the best ways to maximize your energy savings in one fell broom swoop include: 

  • Installing solar panels and batteries 
  • Purchasing an energy efficient HVAC system 
  • Upgrading your water heater 
  • Investing in energy efficient major appliances (refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and clothes washers and dryers) 

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