Things to Know About National Energy Awareness Month

Did you know that October is National Energy Awareness Month? President George H.W. Bush instituted this campaign in 1991 in an effort to manage American energy resources more sustainably. Various government organizations, such as the Federal Energy Management Program, help other agencies meet national legal requirements for renewable energy use and energy efficiency. However, Americans everywhere can participate in Energy Awareness Month by maintaining more energy efficient homes. 

Since it’s October, you can even have a little Halloween fun at the same time by thinking about wasted energy as a real monster, both for the planet and your bank account. Here are some great ways to increase energy efficiency at home and save money in the process: 

  • Avoid sneaky “phantom loads.” “Phantom loads” are the electricity some appliances use even when they are turned off. You can avoid wasting this electricity by unplugging appliances when they’re not in use. You can also think of any partial load of laundry as a “phantom load” to avoid. Washing machines use about as much energy for partial loads as for full loads. 
  • Stop heating and cooling energy from “ghosting” you. Air leaks in your home allow energy to escape outside. You can prevent this by using caulking and weatherstripping around doors and windows as well as by ensuring that you have adequate insulation in your home. You can also use shades and thermal curtains to help conserve heating and cooling energy. 
  • Don’t make your home a jack o’lantern. Did you know that jack o’lanterns originally referred to mysterious flickering lights in Irish bogs that led travelers astray? You can prevent the ghostly glow of lighting treachery by using LED bulbs in your home and Halloween lights and by turning lights off when you’re not using them. That is, unless you have an actual poltergeist turning them back on… 
  • Don’t be a hot water zombie. You can save a lot of energy by using the least amount of hot water necessary in sinks, showers, tubs, and washing machines. Avoid long, showers that waste heat and water. Make sure there are no leaks in your water pipes; use pipe insulation to conserve heat. When your water heater wears out, make the next one an energy efficient model. 

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