Commercial HVAC Improvements and Other Upgrades Amid COVID-19 Copy

HVAC pipes

We’ve said before that a public health emergency doesn’t erase the need for essential energy upgrades or the financing sometimes necessary to afford them. In fact, heating, ventilation and air conditioning improvements are timely energy enhancements that Michigan businesses can make to help minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus and give their staff and customers greater peace of mind. Michigan Saves is here to help you implement those solutions.

There are a host of inexpensive commercial HVAC upgrades that can be implemented to maintain healthy indoor air quality and ensure the proper operation of HVAC systems during the COVID-19 pandemic. This can be as simple as changing the operational settings on your business’ HVAC systems to bringing in more outside air to provide continuous air circulation.

We encourage contractors and business owners to explore this list of commercial energy measures that can be applied to help ensure greater safety and health precautions amid COVID-19.