New Year’s Resolutions for Energy Efficiency

The Importance of Energy Resiliency 

In past years, energy efficiency has been a key concern for homes and businesses. However, with climate change–related increases in storms, natural disasters, and attendant power outages, consumers should take steps to improve their energy resiliency as well. Consider equipping your home with solar panels and purchasing an energy efficient generator. Using solar power is helpful both during power outages and normal times since it will reduce your reliance on grid-supplied power and lower your energy bills. 

Here are some tips and tricks for setting goals for the new year—and keeping them. 

Free and Low-cost Tips for Saving Energy 

You can save on energy costs with components you already have in your home:

  • Replace your HVAC filter and have your furnace serviced regularly. Replace the filter in your heating and cooling system every three months and get your furnace serviced each fall. 
  • Seal your doors and windows. Feel around your doors and windows to see if there are spots that need weather stripping or caulking. 
  • Reverse your ceiling fan motor. Setting the motor to run clockwise in winter and counterclockwise in summer will distribute temperatures more evenly throughout your home.
  • Monitor your thermostat. Raise the temperature as high or low as you can comfortably stand in a given season. Lower or raise it even more when you go to bed or plan to be away from home. 

Energy Efficient Upgrades for the New Year 

In addition to solar panels, here are some other upgrades worth considering for increased energy efficiency in the new year: 

  • Energy efficient light bulbs can save up to $75 per year. 
  • New ENERGY STAR-certified appliances, especially heating and cooling systems, water heaters, ovens, washers, and dryers, can save the most energy.
  • New ENERGY STAR-certified office equipment uses about 75 percent less energy than older machines.
  • Programmable thermostats can automatically raise and lower your home temperatures to save energy.
  • New energy efficient doors and windows keep warm or cool air in your home rather than allowing energy to escape. 

Have a Resolution to Save Money This Year as Well?

Along with any DIY energy improvements you make as a Michigander, Michigan Saves can help keep Mother Nature from costing you—now and all year long. Our financing can help you quickly turn your house into a comfortable and energy efficient home by paying for virtually any energy upgrade you need. If saving money and energy is your New Year’s resolution, you’re in good hands. Get professional help from one of our authorized Michigan contractors in your area. Start the new year off by increasing your energy savings with us today!