Zack Waas Smith and Claire McKenna

“It feels way more comfortable in our home, and for me that just means our whole system is working more efficiently than what we had before.” —Claire McKenna

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Air sealing, Furnace, Water heater

Yspilanti Couple Makes Their Home More Comfortable and Energy Efficient through Electrification

When Zack Waas Smith and Claire McKenna bought their older home in Ypsilanti, it became apparent that upgrades to their furnace, stove and other appliances would be needed. As environmentally conscious individuals, they wanted to move away from fossil gas power and liked the flexibility and longevity of electric appliances. Still, they worried about the financial investment and whether they could really make their home comfortable exclusively with electric power in a cold climate state like Michigan. Then they met a Michigan Saves representative at an energy expo in Ann Arbor, and learned how they could prioritize eco-conscious home systems—that are energy efficient even in cold climates—with help from Michigan Saves, the nation’s first nonprofit green bank.

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