Michigan Saves is:

A nonprofit dedicated to making energy improvements easier for all Michigan energy consumers. To accomplish this, Michigan Saves operates as a green bank, making affordable financing and incentives available through grants and partnerships with private sector lenders and energy providers. We also authorize and monitor a network of contractors and recognize those with advanced training while providing technical assistance for customers and contractors alike. Our current portfolio includes programs for residential, commercial, and municipal customers, and supports energy-efficiency, geothermal, and solar PV projects.

Our Mission

The mission of Michigan Saves is to stimulate and support investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy systems and measures in Michigan homes, businesses, and public buildings. Working through our industry and community partners, we offer a statewide network of authorized, professional building contractors with expertise in energy efficiency and onsite renewable energy systems; make innovative, affordable financing available for energy-focused building and equipment improvements; and accelerate demand for greater efficiency through education and communication.

How We Operate

Michigan Saves was established in 2009 through a grant from the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC). The grant allowed a two-year period to establish the organization and an initial portfolio of programs to support energy installations. In September 2011, the organization became fully independent. Governed by a 18-member board of directors and a special policy advisor appointed by the MPSC, Michigan Saves has no employees but is staffed by contract with Public Sector Consultants. Michigan Saves has been awarded several grants by State of Michigan agencies and by the U.S. Department of Energy to expand and enhance its programs.

We work hard to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars, and use them to appropriately leverage private investment.

julie metty bennett

Julie Metty Bennett
Program Design and Innovation Manager

patrick o'boyle

Patrick O’Boyle
Contractor Account Manager

todd o'grady

Todd O’Grady
Business Development Manager

todd parker

Todd Parker
Customer Service Manager

mary templeton

Mary Templeton
President and CEO

selma tucker

Selma Tucker
Director of Marketing and Communications

kait wyckoff

Kait Wyckoff
Operations Manager

Paul Schutt
President (2020)
Issue Media Group

Julie Hales-Smith
Vice-President (2018)
MSHDA (retired)

David Wible
Treasurer (2019)
Comerica Bank

pat poli

Pat Poli
Ex Officio (Special Advisor) – Tenure Indefinite
Michigan Public Service Commission

David Allen
Director (2018)
Midwest Energy Cooperative

Gregory Bergtold
Director (2018)
The Dow Chemical Company

ted billups

Ted Billups
Director (2021)
Empath Creative

Irene Dimitry
Director (2019)
DTE Energy

Amanda Godward
Director (2020)
Ecotelligent Homes

waymon guillebeaux

Waymon Guillebeaux
Director (2019)
Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (Retired)

Saunteel Jenkins
Director (2021)
The Heat And Warmth Fund

Jason Matley
Director (2018)
Washtenaw Federal Credit Union

Stephanie Minott
Director (2020)
MSU Federal Credit Union

Thom Phillips
Director (2020)
Habitat for Humanity of Michigan

Conan Smith
Director (2019)
Washtenaw County

Roselyn Tantraphol
Director (2020)
Moonsail North

Teri Van Sumeren

Teri VanSumeren
Director (2019)
Consumers Energy Company