Oakland SAVES Grant Program

Michigan Saves is thrilled to be partnering with Oakland County on the Oakland SAVES (Simple Actions for Valuable Energy Savings) grant program launching January 22, 2024. Oakland County has invested $5 million of American Rescue Plan Act funds to provide Oakland County residents with grant incentives to reduce energy burdens for lower-income homeowners and promote energy efficiency in homes.

The Oakland SAVES program is available through December 31, 2024, or until funds are exhausted.

Program Summary

The Oakland SAVES program is open to all Oakland County homeowners through a tiered system based on income level.

Tier One

The first tier provides up to $5,000 in grant incentives to income-qualified homeowners for energy improvements in their home. To qualify for this incentive, your annual household adjusted gross income (AGI) must be at or below the following levels:

To receive the tier one grant incentive, you must provide proof of income by submitting a 2022 federal 1040 tax form. If you want to implement qualifying energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements that exceed $5,000, you are responsible for the additional costs. Rental or income properties are not eligible.

Tier Two

The second tier is available to all Oakland County homeowners who do not qualify for the income-based first tier incentive. At tier two, you can receive a grant incentive equal to 20 percent of your eligible project’s cost, with a maximum amount of $3,000. Rental or income properties are not eligible.

Tier Three

After Oakland SAVES program funds are exhausted, homeowners can still fund eligible energy improvement projects through Michigan Saves’ residential financing program, which provides low-interest loans for eligible projects. Homeowners must submit a separate loan application and meet credit-based criteria to qualify for the loan.

The grant incentives through the Oakland SAVES program are limited to one incentive per address or household. Once your application is approved, your grant incentive funds will be held for 90 days. Michigan Saves may grant extensions for certain improvements, like windows, doors, or solar photovoltaic systems, that have long lead times. The grant incentives are not retroactive to projects completed prior to the start date of the program.

Eligible Improvements

Eligible improvements made through the Oakland SAVES program must be installed by a Michigan Saves authorized contractor. Michigan Saves has a network of over 150 authorized contractors in Oakland County and over 900 contractors across the state of Michigan.  Use the “Find a Contractor” tool to find an authorized contractor near you.

Any of the following energy efficiency improvements are eligible for Oakland SAVES grant incentives.

*Funds can be used to replace equipment that is at least seven years old or failed. The contractor must provide documentation that the existing equipment meets this condition.

How to Apply

Applications for the Oakland SAVES grant program will open January 22, 2024.