Your Financial Partner in Creating Healthier Homes and Thriving Businesses

We are Michigan Saves, the nation’s first nonprofit green bank.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to improve the health and efficiency of their living and working environments. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to better your home’s efficiency or a business owner striving to reduce your carbon footprint, we’re here to help you make it happen.

Let’s work together


Explore how we can help you maintain an efficient and safe space. As your trusted partner, we provide accessible financing solutions to ensure your home is not only comfortable but also healthy, while assisting you in lowering your energy expenses.

Building owners

Unlock financial incentives and affordable financing options for clean energy improvements for your property. Whether you manage a business, nonprofit, local government or multifamily housing, partnering with us allows you to alleviate financial burdens and concentrate on what truly counts – the growth and success of your operations or businesses.


Join the Michigan Saves contractor network and gain the ability to provide personalized clean energy and energy efficiency measures to your customers. Empower homeowners and business owners to take control of their energy costs, make their homes and buildings safe and comfortable, and expand your business by adding value to the services you already offer.

We understand the power of clean energy and want everyone—no exceptions—to have access to their benefits. But these improvements cost money. That’s where we come in.