Energy financing to transform your home or commercial property into energy-modern spaces.

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We are Michigan Saves, the nation’s first nonprofit green bank. We are all in on clean energy—efficiency, renewables, diversification, carbon reduction—you name it. We understand the power of clean energy sources and want everyone—no exceptions—to have access to their benefits. But these improvements cost money. That’s where we come in.

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How can we help you?

Residential Homes

Make your house a comfortable, energy-modern home through our no-gimmick, no-gotcha financing. Getting started is simple. Tap into cleaner power for your household today.

How our program works

Eligible home improvements

Electrify your home

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Septic Replacement Loan Program

Remove lead from your home

Oakland SAVES

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Commercial Buildings

Minimize your commercial property’s or building’s expenses with our affordable financing for clean energy improvements to keep more money for the things that matter most.

How our program works

Eligible commercial improvements

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The Nation’s First Nonprofit Green Bank

Michigan Saves Partners


Joining the Michigan Saves contractor network is a smart business decision. Gain exclusive rights to offer our financing, help customers take control of their energy costs, expand your business, and add value to the services you already offer.

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Michigan Saves partners with lenders that have a vested interest in accelerating Michigan’s clean energy future. Together, we’re part of a unique financing solution that helps protect residents’ health and safety, reduce their energy footprints, and provide them with money and energy savings.

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Michigan Saves works with charitable partners, government agencies, and other organizations to develop  programs and solutions to expand access and help all Michiganders unlock the power of clean energy.

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Spend your energy on what matters.

Find your contractor now to make all your energy upgrades.

Want to explore your energy options? Discover improvements for residential or commercial properties.

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What our customers have to say…

“Our home is much more comfortable — you can feel a difference.”

Steve McMullen

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What You Should Know About Clean Energy
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