Is your home drafty? Is your furnace old and expensive? Do you need new windows? 

Our Home Energy Loan Program provides up to $30,000 in financing to homeowners like you for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements.

What if you could save hundreds on your monthly energy costs? With Michigan Saves financing up to $250,000, you can power your business with less energy by upgrading your facility and equipment.

Now is the time to cut costs through energy-efficiency upgrades. Schools, universities, local governments and more - you can improve your bottom line when you take advantage of our Public Sector Energy Financing.

Are you a residential or commercial contractor that wants to help your customers have the means to upgrade their homes and businesses and save on energy bills?

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“The crew doing the work was professional and did a great job…Between the assessment first and contractors second, we got a wholet eam of people who were unbiased professionals, instead of a single person tied to selling certain upgrades. Last summer, it seemed like every other house on the block was participating! It’s nice to think of the aggregate impact, especially if their houses were like ours. It really felt like a community thing.”