A Letter from Our Executive Director

Mary Templeton, executive director

We’re all busy people who know that time is a precious commodity. And time went by so quickly in 2014, we thought it wise to take a moment to reflect on the work we’ve all accomplished.

Allow me to welcome you to Michigan Saves’ Smart Energy 2014 Year in Review. This may or may not be your first stop in this edition of Smart Energy, but I encourage you to take a look at each article as we discuss the highlights from a banner year. There’s much to explore in the following pages—like the exponential growth of the business program, or the unique financing structure that provides Michigan Saves its sustainability, and even the “by the numbers” piece demonstrating the scale of smart energy investments made possible by these programs. (I promise, it’s not too wonky.)

I hope you enjoy uncovering all the milestones made possible by the work we do empowering people to take control of their energy situation. Whether it’s a big commercial renewable project at Dark Horse Brewery or a family in Grand Rapids gaining the tools they need to transform their house into an efficient and comfortable home, Michigan Saves celebrates their success.

That’s because their success is proof of the good work we do alongside each of you—our lenders, nonprofit and public sector partners, utilities, and especially, the over 300 industrious contractors crafting an efficient Michigan one building at a time.

So with 2014 behind us, and 2015 already building on its success, I thank you for being a part of this energy movement and look forward to another year of cost savings, smaller energy bills, and maximum comfort for our customers.

Warm regards,
Mary Templeton