Case Study: Liberty Food Center

The Numbers Just Worked!

“In the end, we were convinced by the numbers. We did this project to save money, and we’ve been really happy with the project.” —Sam Bahoura, co-owner

Less waste, more savings

Sam and Naji Bahoura have owned Liberty Food Center, a grocery store in Detroit, for 27 years. With such a long record of success, you know Sam and Naji have kept a close eye on the bottom line. That’s why they decided to upgrade their store equipment to stop wasting energy—and money. “We did this project to save money, and we’ve been really happy with the project,” Sam Bahoura said. Low-cost financing through Michigan Saves allowed Sam and Naji to make immediate improvements to their store.

Utility bills down. Bottom line UP.

Liberty Food Center is no longer wasting money on utility bills because of outdated, inefficient equipment and lighting. Are you curious how much money you could save on utility costs? Let Michigan Saves help you find out. We have a statewide network of quality contractors and the financial tools and expertise to guide you each step of the way. Take control of your energy costs. Learn more about our Business Energy Financing Program.

Sam and Naji gained nearly $50,000 in utility rebates and financial incentives to improve their store.

Project Details


– Insulation

– Refrigeration controls

– Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs)

Annual Savings Estimate:


Utility Rebates and Special Incentives: