DLL is a financial solutions partner for manufacturers and distributors worldwide. As an experienced funding source for lighting, energy efficiency, and renewable energy projects, they provide financing options that meet customer needs, preserve working capital, and save costs on energy projects. DLL is thrilled to help Michigan Saves stakeholders reduce their environmental footprint.

“DLL has been providing custom-tailored, flexible financing programs for over 45 years, and more specifically, for clean tech manufacturers, energy service companies, contractors and end-users for the past ten years,” said Dave Ingram, U.S. sales manager at DLL. “Sustainability is a core tenet of our company, making the partnership with Michigan Saves even more meaningful. It’s more than financing assets—it’s providing customized financial solutions that create value and support the growth and sustainability ambitions of our partners and their customers.”


Nate Carter
Senior Account Manager
DLL Financial Services

Phone: 484-636-7500
Fax: 800-884-4995
Email: ncarter@leasedirect.com, Cleantechnologygroup@leasedirect.com
Website: www.dllfinance.com

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