Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church is saving $40,000 a year due to 2.99% APR Michigan Saves financing through a partnership with DTE Energy

We’re doing the right thing.

“This project is a good statement about
our stewardship of God’s house.”—Kerry Caliman, chairperson, Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church

An obligation to be good stewards

Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church has been in Detroit for nearly 100 years. Though starting out humble in size, the church grew to more than 3,000 congregants in the 1990s. To accommodate their burgeoning numbers, the church’s leadership team decided to build a new edifice in the early 2000s. It was not long before they realized the lighting—one of the most essential components of many religious institutions—was inefficient and outdated.

Viewing environmental stewardship as a matter of faith, Tabernacle partnered with K. Dwight Hawks and his team from Hawks & Associates Inc. His team of engineers and electricians installed energy-efficient lighting in their sanctuary, kitchen, child development center, parking lot, and boardrooms.

Kerry Caliman, chairperson, Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church

Utility bills down.
Mission Fulfillment UP.

Tabernacle, with Hawks’ assistance, capitalized their $121,950 project with special 2.99% APR Michigan Saves financing through a partnership with DTE Energy. The church is now projected to save more than $40,000 per year on energy costs, and leadership is eager to begin a second phase of energy upgrades. Through Michigan Saves financing, Tabernacle was not only able to properly illuminate their house of worship but was also able to exercise their belief in environmental
responsibility. “This project was the right thing to do, and I have to think the Lord blessed our effort,” Kerry explained. “We could not have done this project without the right financing.” Learn more about our financing for houses of worship.

This project will pay for itself with energy savings in less than two years.