Chris and Marla Drury stand next to their home's solar panel

We Have Greater Energy Independence

“It’s great for our daughter, Evelyn, to grow up in a house where we’re using renewable energy as a primary source and showing her that it’s normal and good.” —Marla Drury

Powering our house with the sun.

Chris and Marla Drury have always been DIYers who pride themselves on self-sufficiency and resiliency. So, when they made the decision to install a solar panel on their property in Alma, Michigan, it was a natural supplement to the other energy-saving household renovations they’d completed over the years. After using Michigan Saves’ contractor locator tool, Chris and Marla settled on a contractor who understood their wants; was efficient; and helped them install a 3,600 watt, ten-panel solar photovoltaic (PV) system that reliably produces power on both sunny and cloudy days. Chris explained, “We’re enjoying the freedom of producing some of our power ourselves while moving toward a future of greater energy independence.”

Chris and Marla Drury sitting at their kitchen table while their daughter feeds their dog treats.

Spend your energy on what matters.

When planning for their family’s future, Chris and Marla always look at the long-term investment. Solar power offered them the security they need now and down the road.

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Chris and Marla are now producing approximately 80% of their own energy.