Michigan Saves’ training videos will walk you through the basics on how to use Michigan Saves financing. All contractors are required to have at least one employee complete the appropriate Michigan Saves training(s) in order to become authorized. There are two separate training programs: residential and commercial. You may complete your training requirement by watching a series of contractor training videos and completing the subsequent review(s), as shown below.

Training Videos

Select Residential Program, Commercial Program, or Both Programs to filter the training videos. Watch the videos in order and then complete the training review. If you are applying to both programs, please complete both training reviews.

Filter Programs

Watch NowTitleBoth Programscategories_hfilter
Get to Know Michigan SavesCommercial Program, Residential Programcommercial-program residential-program
Home Energy Loan ProgramResidential Programresidential-program
Residential Rates, Terms, and EligibilityResidential Programresidential-program
Residential Loan Application ProcessResidential Programresidential-program
Commercial Financing Application & Contractor ExpectationsCommercial Programcommercial-program
Business Energy Financing ProgramCommercial Programcommercial-program
Multifamily Energy Financing ProgramCommercial Programcommercial-program
Public Sector Energy FinancingCommercial Programcommercial-program
Job Record and Certificate of CompletionCommercial Program, Residential Programcommercial-program residential-program
Quality Assurance and Corrective Action RequestsCommercial Program, Residential Programcommercial-program residential-program
Take the Commercial Training Review Commercial Training ReviewCommercial Programcommercial-program
Take the Residential Training Review Residential Training ReviewResidential Programresidential-program