Qualified Home Improvements

The improvements listed below, subject to specified requirements where noted, are eligible for financing, for qualified borrowers, under the Home Energy Loan Program. This list is subject to change.

Measures that are not included on this list, such as air sealing, insulation, and related health and safety measures and more, may also qualify for financing, if they are recommended through a home energy assessment conducted by a certified professional. See the Michigan Saves list of authorized contractors to find a certified energy auditor near you, if you are interested in receiving a home energy assessment.

Qualified Home Improvements for Home Energy Loan Program

Building Shell Improvements

Exterior Doors (upgrade existing units only—NFRC label) Energy Star®
Reflective Roof (metal or asphalt) Energy Star®
Skylights (upgrade existing units only) Energy Star®
Storm Windows & Doors Energy Star®
Windows (upgrade existing units only—NFRC label) Energy Star®

HVAC Measures

All HVAC installations must be sized appropriately for the home using computer-generated Manual J or other industry-approved energy modeling software. 

Air Source Heat Pump
Split System SEER ≥ 14.5, EER ≥ 12.0
Package System SEER ≥ 14.0, EER ≥ 11.0
Natural Gas, Oil, Propane AFUE ≥ 85%
Wood Gasification
  • UL Rated
  • EPA Phase 2 qualified, i.e. white tag
  • Must be purchased & installed by Authorized Contractor with Michigan Boiler Installers license
AFUE/TE ≥ 75%
Central Air Conditioning
Split System SEER ≥ 14.5, EER ≥ 12.0
Package System SEER ⪚ 14.0, EER ⪚ 11.0
Natural Gas & Propane AFUE ≥ 90%
Oil AFUE ≥ 85%
Groundsource Heat Pump (closed loop)
Water-to-Air EER ≥ 17.1, COP ≥ 3.6
Water-to-Water EER ≥ 16.1, COP ≥ 3.1
Groundsource Heat Pump (open loop)
Water-to-Air EER ≥ 21.1, COP ≥ 4.1
Water-to-Water EER ≥ 20.1, COP ≥ 3.5
Groundsource Heat Pump (DGX-direct geoexchange) EER ≥ 16.0, COP ≥ 3.6

Water Heating Measures

Water Heater
Electric Tank (upgrade existing units only) EF ≥ .93
Gas Condensing Tank
  • EF ≥ .80 for units <75,000 BTU
  • TE > 96% for units >75,000 BTU
Gas Storage Tank EF ≥ .67
Gas Tankless EF ≥ .82
Heat Pump Tank EF ≥ 2.0
Solar Thermal SF ≥ .50, SRCC certified


Appliances can only be included if other qualified improvements are selected or a whole-home audit is performed. Homeowner must affirm that used appliances were recycled in accordance with state/local laws and not reused.

Ceiling Fan Energy Star®
Dehumidifier Energy Star®
Freezer (chest/upright) Energy Star®
Dishwasher Energy Star®
Refrigerator Energy Star®
Room Air Conditioner Energy Star®
Washing Machine Energy Star®

Electricity Generation Measures

Solar photovoltaic systems must be single-installation systems between 1kW and 20kW in size, and must be interconnected to an electric service provider. Contractors MUST provide a copy of the interconnection agreement or utility letter of authorization with the certificate of completion.

Solar Photovoltaic Modules California Energy Commission Approved Product
Solar Photovoltaic Inverters California Energy Commission Approved Product or approved by local utility
Solar Photovoltaic Meters California Energy Commission Approved Product

Non-Energy, Building Performance Measures

Michigan Saves will finance the remediation of pre-existing environmental hazards or the repair of physical/structural defects that create health and safety issues, so long as the remediation or repairs are coupled with an appropriate qualified home improvement and the cause(s) of the environmental hazard or physical defect is addressed. Michigan Saves will not finance remediation work alone.

  • Asbestos abatement or electrical service upgrade necessary when installing a new heating/cooling unit.
  • Upgrade of knob and tube wiring in order to install insulation
  • Radon and lead abatement work.
  • The cost of removing an oil tank when done in connection with a heating system replacement.
  • Repairs to the home due to water damage, molds or mildew, ice dams, or other symptoms of poor building performance, as long as damage related to building performance is addressed.